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Volvo Reveal new Autonomous Driving Technology

Volvo is the latest manufacturer to unveil innovative new autonomous driving technology. The Swedish car makers revealed their new easy-to-use interface that allows drivers to transfer the car from manual to autonomous.

The new IntelliSafe Auto Pilot system is simple yet intuitive, with autonomous mode being activated and deactivated by pressing the specially-designed paddles on the steering wheel. When a car is about to enter a route that allows autonomous driving the car will let the driver know that the Auto Pilot system is ready by flashing the lights on the steering wheel paddle. When the autonomous driving zone comes to an end the driver will be prompted to take over the controls again and will have a sixty second countdown displayed. If for any reason the driver does not switch into manual within the sixty seconds the car will automatically bring itself to a safe stop.

Volvo's IntelliSafe Auto Pilot Display

Volvo’s all new interface will be made available on 100 of the new XC90’s and is expected to be ready in time for the Drive Me project in Gothenburg in 2017. Drive Me will make 100 self-driving Volvos available to families and commuters around Gothenburg for use in everyday driving conditions. The cars will be driven autonomously on approximately 50 kilometres of selected roads.

Speaking of the new autonomous technology Thomas Ingenlath, SVP Design at Volvo Cars, said: “We have designed a user interface that is safe and seamless to use so that drivers can confidently transfer and regain control of the car.”

By Jenna Niblock