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Volvo XC90

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Volvo XC90

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The new Volvo XC90

For Sale at Taggarts in Glasgow and Motherwell, Scotland

The sheer size and power of the new Volvo XC90 makes it a worthwhile addition to the family. In fact, since it can carry the whole of your clan at the same time, it'll feel like another member of your brood from the get-go.

The All-New Volvo XC90 has been named an Autocar Game-Changer at the 2016 Autocar Awards. This is due to the combination of practicality, comfort and cutting-edge technology. That cutting-edge technology includes the nine-inch Sensus touch screen control system, with pinch, zoom and swipe functionality – working even when you're wearing gloves.

Exterior styling

Although not unlike its predecessor, the new Volvo XC90 has been brought into the new decade with tweaks to make it streamlined and sleek, as well as robust and confident. The alloy wheels now feature a six-spoke design, the lights are LED, and they run in the daytime for complete safety.

All new Volvo XC90
Volvo XC90 in electric silver
Volvo XC90 in Bursting Blue
Volvo XC90 offers class leading safety
The the Volvo XC90 offers improved efficiency and performance
Adaptable driving modes to suit any terrain

Performance and handling

Performance-focussed, the XC90 has been engineered to deliver a great driving experience without compromising on functionality or space. The handling is secure and reassuring, keeping you safe in the knowledge that the XC90 won't be going anywhere when you're cruising down the motorway. It's useful in the city too, although it really comes into its own when it's navigating country roads and main thoroughfares.

Engine specifications and fuel economy

The 2.5-litre, five-cylinder diesel model is reliable and powerful, shifting the XC90’s muscular bulk with strength and intent. It delivers 420Nm of torque and accelerates from 0-60mph in around ten seconds. For fuel consumption, it's not unlike its four-wheel drive peers, delivering 25.7mpg in urban areas and 41.5mpg outside the city.

Interior styling

The inside of the Volvo XC90 is as much a pleasure as that of its predecessor, with plenty of space for everyone to stretch their legs and an elevated driving position that gives you the most powerful view over the road ahead. A leather interior makes the inside feel chic and sophisticated, promising a comfortable experience that's made even better by the space available when the back seats are folded down. The dashboard is comprehensive and sturdy, giving drivers and passengers straightforward control over the interior tech.

Steering wheel and Sensus interface of the Volvo XC90
Volvo CX90 has been luxuriously designed for comfort
7 seats in Volvo XC90 offer practicality
Rear passenger space in the Volvo XC90
Detailed and precise, the Volvo XC90 offers class leading luxury
Brushed aluminum detailing on the engine start / stop button and drive mode selector


The robust and capable Volvo XC90 makes the perfect family car for those who need a vehicle with a little more muscle than the usual saloon or hatchback. It's proficient in navigating roads of any condition, with a four-wheel drive structure that promises safety and comfort, leaving you with a vehicle that rules the roads without being overbearing or ostentatious. Contact your local Taggarts Volvo dealer in Morthewell or Glasgow to find out more.

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