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Volvo V40

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Volvo V40

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New Volvo V40 For Sale

Volvo V40 in Glasgow, Scotland

The new Volvo V40 comes in a variety of styles to suit all kinds of driver. As well as the standard R-Design model - which comes with a range of engine options to give drivers power, performance and fuel economy depending on their preference - drivers can also select the rugged V40 Cross Country.

Exterior Styling

With its revolutionary R-Design, the V40 looks both sporty and sophisticated at the same time. Its athletic profile and aerodynamic shape indicate the great performance it's capable of, whilst its sleek curves and sharp lines come together to form a satisfying aesthetic. The V40 Cross Country is just as attractive, albeit with a more muscular stance that indicates its rough-and-ready capability. Both models show off a quietly confident image that doesn't need to shout about its aptitude - all the hallmarks of modern automotive design, including a daring front grille, assertive alloys and tight windows.

Offside view of the Volvo V40
Volvo V40 in Osmium Grey
Nearside view of the Volvo V40
Volvo V40 R-Design Lux
Osmium Grey Volvo V40
Rear view of Volvo V40

Interior Styling

Both model options of the V40 offer cabins fitted to the highest standard. You'll find all the intuitive technology and attention-to-detail you'd expect from a top-quality Volvo. The seats are upholstered in Nubuck and perforated leather, offering seating that's as sensible as it is supportive. It's a similar story inside the V40 Cross Country, where resilient materials meet leather to create a supportive ride. A screen control panel embedded in the dashboard commences a cascade of instruments down the centre of the car, all of which are wonderfully easy to control - and right at your fingertips.

In the R-Design, the three different modes include elegance, performance and eco. The three settings are ideal for customising the ride experience when you're behind the wheel. Even at night, the illuminated instruments ensure you're always in complete, confident control. Thanks to innovative 'theatre lights', the ambience in the Cross Country can be altered to suit any mood, or even calibrated to match the climate control settings.

Ergonomically designed interior
Beautifully detailed interior for driver convenience and comfort
Adaptive digital display for driver convenience
Driver Display of the Volvo V40
Panoramic sunroof in the Volvo V40
Panoramic sunroof available as an optional extra in Volvo V40

Safety and handling

Both the R-Design and the Cross Country are maximised for impressive performance output, both in their physical design and technological credentials. The R-Design's handling is an outstanding attribute, with electric steering that helps the car glide smoothly through streets and a low optional chassis available on the sports version. Stability Control and Torque Vectoring are also included, giving you peace of mind even when you're driving in poor conditions. The R-Design's arsenal of technology also includes Pedestrian Airbag technology, City Safety, Dynamic Stability and Traction Control, amongst others. An optional Driver Support Pack is available as well, enhancing the safety mechanisms to create a car that's fully safety-minded.

The Cross Country variant of the V40 is the rugged cousin to its urban counterpart, standing high above the ground with confidence and prowess. It's optimised for traversing roads both rough and smooth, with capability under the bonnet to complement its handsome exterior. Safety and security is defined to the highest standard in this action-packed four-wheel drive, thanks to the comprehensive IntelliSafe system. Amid the technology fitted in the dashboard are safety features that include Adaptive Cruise Control, Pedestrian Airbag technology, Pedestrian Detection with full auto-brake and City Safety. This attentive system automatically brakes the car in an emergency, when the Cross Country is travelling at speeds of up to 50km/h.

Performance and fuel economy

The V40 R-Design comes with an array of engine options to give you tailored power and performance. The collection of options includes an excellent 150bhp D3 diesel engine, capable of acceleration of up to 62mph in less than 10 seconds. The extra-urban fuel economy manages up to 74.3 MPG, with a six-speed gearbox ensuring smooth and comfortable transmission. Alternatively, the T5 petrol engine manages a top speed of 155mph and the D2 155bhp engine pumps out just 94g of CO2 per kilometre - the perfect choice for drivers looking for great fuel economy.

The all-wheel drive on the T5 petrol engine of the Cross Country makes it perfectly capable of handling all kinds of road conditions. The T5's high performance makes it stand out - it generates 254hp from its 2.5-litre five-cylinder engine and can surge from 0-60mph in just six seconds. Another engine option is the 1.6-litre turbocharged T4 petrol engine, which offers similar performance credentials to its T5 sibling but calibrated more for urban environments. Either way, this is one rugged car that can handle country and city with confidence.

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