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Volvo Motability

We are proud to be part of the nationwide Motability Scheme at Taggarts Volvo. The scheme gives disabled UK road users and motorists easier access to an adaptable vehicle, and has supported thousands of people in helping them become more mobile and independent.

If you (or a family member or friend) receive the higher Mobility component of the Disability Living Allowance or the War Pensioners' Mobility Supplement, and you have at least 12 months of benefit remaining, then you are eligible for the Motability Scheme. Customers at our dealership who qualify can choose from the huge range of Volvo models that we have available, and we are able to handle the majority of any adjustments which you may require to ensure your new car fits your needs.

With the Motability Scheme, everything except fuel is included. You will never have to worry about unexpected bills for repairs or servicing, nor the extra costs of insurance, car tax, tyre and windscreen replacement or breakdown assistance.

Motability leases generally run for three years from the date that you took delivery of your car (or five years for new Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles). This date will be shown on your contract. Three months before the end of your contract, we will send you a letter to remind you that it is time to choose a new car on the Scheme.

These are the next steps from the three month period before your lease is due to expire to the day you collect your new car.

Three months before the end of your lease:

  • Consider adaptations if you think you need them
  • Take a test drive to make sure the car you're interested in is suitable for your needs
  • Make sure your name and address details are up to date with both the DVLA and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)
  • Place your order with Taggarts Volvo.

Two months to go:

  • Taggarts Volvo will have contacted you to arrange the MOT test for your current car. Motability will pay for the test and any repairs needed due to general wear and tear.
  • Look out for your new Personal Identification Number (PIN) . We'll send this to you along with all the information about your new lease and the Terms and Conditions.

One month to go:

  • You don't have to remove adaptations, but if you want to, please arrange this with your local adaptations installer
  • Keep in touch with your us about the delivery date. If there is any delay we will arrange for you to stay in your current car until the new one is ready. However, if you are in a Low Mileage or Long Term Lease Extension and there is a delay, please call 0300 456 4566 to arrange this.

Collection day!

  • When collecting your new car, don't forget to bring your driving licence plus the letter we sent you which includes your PIN.
  • Return your current car to us when collecting your new car and hand back any documentation and equipment given to you with the car.
  • We will take a brief condition description of the car. Provided the car is in good condition you could receive a £250 bonus a few weeks later.
  • Check that you and/or your nominated drivers are on your new insurance cover note.
  • We will ensure we have the correct contact details so we can contact you during your lease with important information such as service reminders.

Call Taggarts Volvo Glasgow today to find out more about the Motability Scheme and our team will be happy to help you apply. You can also view more information by visiting the Motability charity website, or by clicking on any of the links below.

For further information visit the - Motability Website

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