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100% Land Rover is a dedicated service for Land Rover vehicles over 3 years old.

With 100% Land Rover, you'll not only get the reassurance of Land Rover Trained Technicians and Land Rover Genuine Parts at a fixed and competitive price at participating Retailers across the UK, but also a 2-year parts warranty.

Participating UK Retailers only. Exclusions apply.


Interim ServiceMajor ServiceFront Brake PadsFront Brake Pads inc SensorsFront Brake Pads & DiscsFront Brake Pads & Discs inc SensorsRear Brake PadsRear Brake Pads inc SensorsRear Brake Pads & DiscsRear Brake Pads & Discs inc SensorsCambelt  Brake Fluid ChangeFront Wipers 
Defender (2007-11) 2.2/2.4D£385£495£145-£575-£145-£395--£75£45
Freelander 2 (2012-14) 2.2 ED4 (2WD) / TD4 / SD4£275£390£145-£255-£135-£250-£395£75£45
Range Rover Evoque (2011>) 2.0 Si4 (petrol)£330£440£135£155£255£275£125£145£275£295-£75£45
Range Rover Evoque (2011>) 2.2 eD4 (2WD) / TD4 / SD4£330£440£135£155£255£275£125£145£275£295£495£75£45
Discovery 3 (2005-09) 2.7 TDV6£360£495£135£155£255£275£125£145£365£385£575£75£45
Discovery 3 (2005-09) 4.4 V8£360£470£135£155£255£275£125£145£365£385-£75£45
Discovery 4 (2010-16) 3.0 TDV6£360£495£135£155£335£355£145£165£375£395£695£125£45
Range Rover Sport (2005-10) 2.7 TDV6*£340£495£135£155£295£315£125£145£375£395£575£75£45
Range Rover Sport (2010-13) 3.0 TDV6£370£530£205£225£305£325£145£165£375£395£785£125£45
Range Rover Sport (2007-10) 3.6 TDV8*
Range Rover Sport (2005-13) 4.2 V8 SC*£395£460£175£195£335£355£145£165£375£395-£75£45
Range Rover Sport (2005-13) 5.0 V8 NA£395£460£195£215£365£385£145£165£375£395-£125£45
Range Rover Sport (2005-13) 5.0 V8 SC£395£460£275£295£435£455£145£165£375£395-£125£45
Range Rover Sport (2013.) 3.0 TDV6 / SDV6£380£540£275£295£435£455£225£245£375£395£575£85£45
Range Rover Sport (2013>) 3.0 V6 SC (petrol)£380£450£275£295£435£455£225£345£375£395-£85£45
Range Rover Sport (2013>) 4.4 TDV8£395£540£275£295£435£455£225£245£375£395-£85£45
Range Rover Sport (2013>) 5.0 V8 SC (petrol)£400£470£275£295£435£455£225£245£375£395-£85£45
Range Rover (2007-10) 3.6 TDV8£385£530£175£195£355£375£145£165£325£345-£125£45
Range Rover (2010-12) 4.4 TDV8£385£530£275£295£455£475£145£165£325£345-£125£45
Range Rover (2005-10) 4.4 V8 (petrol)£375£450£125£145£355£375£145£165£375£395-£85£45
Range Rover (2006-12) 4.2 V8 NA (petrol)£345£430£135£155£335£355£145£165£325£345-£85£45
Range Rover (2006-12) 4.2 V8 SC (petrol)£345£430£175£195£335£355£145£165£325£345-£125£45
Range Rover (2006-12) 5.0 V8 NA (petrol)£375£450£205£3,225£335£355£145£185£325£345-£125£45
Range Rover (2010-12) 5.0 V8 SC£375£450£275£295£405£425£145£195£325£345-£125£45
Range Rover (2014>) 3.0 TDV6 / SDV6£395£545£305£325£455£475£225£245£375£395£575£85£45
Range Rover (2014>) 3.0 V6 SC (petrol)£395£455£305£325£455£475£225£245£375£395-£85£45
Range Rover (2014>) 4.4 TDV8£415£545£305£325£455£475£225£245£375£395-£85£45
Range Rover (2014>) 5.0 V8 SC (petrol)£415£465£305£325£455£475£225£245£375£395-£85£45

Terms and Conditions

Published prices for Land Rover Fixed Price Servicing and any promotions within it are the maximum selling price including VAT (at the prevailing rate) at which participating Retailers will provide the advertised service and parts. Prices are valid for retail customers with specified vehicles over 36 months old from date of 1st registration booking with a participating Retailer for work to be carried out within the period of the relevant promotion.

In addition all functional and safety checks will also be completed in accordance with the defined service schedule. Additional items not specified for automatic renewal/replacement (e.g. seat air filters / spark plugs) will be replaced based on age / mileage at an additional cost.

*Excludes Brembo brakes option

Excludes SVR models