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Land Rover Navigator Challenge

Our Staff Took Part in Navigator Challenge with Bowler Motorsport

Lookers and Taggarts staff took part in the Navigator Challenge at the weekend on Saturday 10th October at Rockingham Land Rover Experience Centre, with the winner being chosen to navigate at the next Defender Challenge Hill Rally in Dumfries on 21st - 22nd November.

The event was perfect in every way and the team all thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Huge congratulations goes to Fraser Ward from our Taggarts Motherwell branch, who was awarded the prize of accompanying driver Gareth Carruthers in the Borders Hill Rally Event on the 21st - 22nd November 2015, after careful consideration from the drivers and Bowler team. Fraser showed great capability, control and assertiveness during the tests in which he communicated precisely, accurately and clearly throughout, making him a valuable asset during the event.

Why not come along and support us at the final Borders Hill Rally as part of the Defender Challenge Event on 21st - 22nd November 2015 in Dumfries. More details can be found here: