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Jaguar Driving Technologies

Driving Technologies

Jaguar's array of driving technologies has been created to ensure you get the most from your XF Sportbrake experience. Some of them are detailed below.

JaguarDrive Control

JaguarDrive Control has been specially designed to improve your driving experience. The technology recalibrates the engine and transmission to suit your driving preferences and the road conditions.

Three modes are available - Dynamic Mode and Winter Mode. Dynamic Mode delivers quicker acceleration to provide an even sportier experience, while Winter Mode increases tyre grip to reduce the risk of skidding via automatically dampened acceleration that provides more gradual traction on icy and slippery surfaces. The Sport Mode allows you to drive the XF Sportbrake to its full potential and delivers a truly sporty experience.

Adaptive Dynamics

An Adaptive Dynamics system is available as an option to enhance the XF Sportbrake’s already impressive handling. The system monitors speed, body movement and steering and adjusts the suspension settings 500 times per second to ensure the XF Sportbrake stays flat and stable, no matter what the surface.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

Specifying the optional Adaptive Cruise Control gives you complete peace of mind, whatever road you're on. A radar in the front bumper monitors the speed of the vehicle in front to ensure your XF Sportbrake remains a constant distance behind. If the car in front slows, the system will automatically slow your car. The built-in Forward Alert also gives you an audible warning should traffic ahead slow quickly.

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